About me

My name is Emma and I am a salaried GP in the East of England.

I completed my MRCGP training in 2013, and stayed local upon completion.

During my GP training I completed my Postgraduate Certificate of Medical Education, and Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

After VTS, I went on to complete a Diploma in Dermatology. I then started a diploma in parenting (also know as having a baby). This altered my outlook on work and work-life balance, and I realised I no longer needed to sit exams!

Upon, returning to work after maternity leave I started helping out with my local VTS group. I regularly provided case discussion group facilitation. I got to know our local trainees, and some of the issues they face, worries they have, and topics that a troublesome.

Most recently I have taken on the role as a training programme director for our local GP training programme. I am a clinical and educational supervisor day to day. I am working with trainees across my week.

So I know what the MRCGP entails. I know it can be daunting, and I know it can get busy and stressful. Thats why I decided my next project was this blog, to see if I can be of some help!